Continents and their Unique Animals

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Where is the world's largest continent located?

Which continent is known for kangaroos and koalas?

Where can you find penguins living in the wild?

What's the name of the big, icy continent at the bottom of the Earth?

Which continent is famous for the pyramids in Egypt?

Continents are defined by strict criteria and not by convention.

There are always seven continents recognized by English-speaking countries.

Antarctica is the largest continent in terms of land area.

Some variations merge North America and South America into a single continent called America.

Australia is the smallest continent in terms of land area.


Test your knowledge about continents and the unique animals that inhabit them. Answer questions about the largest continent, the home of kangaroos and koalas, the habitat of penguins, and the icy landmass at the bottom of the Earth. See how well you know your geography and wildlife!

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