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What is the recommended content quality to quantity ratio for Surfside PPC?

80% quality and 20% quantity

Which factor can help improve Google rankings according to the text?

Higher word count (above 1,700 words)

What type of websites are recommended to focus on creating quality content around top keywords?

Niche websites

What is the suggested starting strategy for brand-new websites in terms of content creation?

Start with quantity and improve content over time

Which type of websites tend to get more indexed traffic with 16+ blog posts?

Websites with 16+ blog posts

What is the recommended approach for B2B websites in content creation according to the text?

Prioritize creating comprehensive, high-quality content

What does establishing authority through quality content help with?

Building brand trust

What is the recommended strategy for freelance writers regarding research efficiency for shorter posts?

Avoid spending excessive time on research for shorter posts

How can freelance writers streamline their research process for future projects?

Compile various sources in a resource pack

What is the significance of updating resources regularly for freelance writers?

To maintain credibility with sources no older than two to three years

Which types of information sources are considered credible for freelance writers?

Government agencies, universities/medical journals, and large companies funding studies

Why is it valuable for freelancers to gather information proactively according to the text?

To have a repository of credible data ready for client work

What is the main focus in building a long-term asset according to the text?

Curating industry-specific information

Study Notes

  • Content can include written content, videos, and podcasts on various subjects.
  • Quality content demonstrates expertise, increases Google rankings, and establishes authority.
  • Quantity of content can help grow social media audiences and email lists.
  • Focused content covers smaller topics that may not require comprehensive research.
  • Understanding the audience is crucial to determining whether to focus on quality or quantity.
  • Websites with 16+ blog posts tend to get more indexed traffic.
  • Higher word count in content (above 1,700 words) can improve Google rankings.
  • News websites like The Washington Post and The New York Times publish a high volume of stories daily.
  • Niche websites should focus on creating quality content around top keywords.
  • B2B websites should prioritize creating comprehensive, high-quality content.
  • Brand-new websites can start with quantity and then improve and refresh content over time.
  • Investopedia is a good example of balancing content quality and quantity by creating a large amount of content and continuously updating it.
  • The focus for Surfside PPC is on 80% quality and 20% quantity in content creation.

Test your knowledge on content creation strategies, including the balance between quality and quantity, audience understanding, and the impact on Google rankings. Explore the importance of expertise, authority, and content volume in different types of websites.

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