Contemporary Philippine Arts: Traditional Techniques to Contemporary Art Creations

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Which of the following is a correct statement about Tinikling?

Where is the Manunggul Jar located?

What is another name for Manila Hemp?

Who is Elito Circa also known as?

Which region is known for the traditional technique of 'batik'?

Which traditional technique of art creation is associated with the T'boli people?

What is the focus of the Singkil dance?

Where are the Manunggul Jars usually located?

What is the Burnay Pottery known for?

Who is known as the Visayan tattooed warrior?

What do Panolong represent?

Where is the Boxer Codex a detailed compilation of illustrations?

Who is known as a folk artist of Pantabangan and a pioneer for using indigenous materials and natural raw materials including human blood?

"Lapu-Lapu" is associated with which region?

Traditional arts of what region are exemplified by the Mandrigimang Batuk'an?

What does the Singkil dance showcase?


Explore the traditional techniques and contemporary art creations in the context of Philippine arts from different regions. This module is designed to help students understand the evolution of artistic techniques and expressions.

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