Contemporary Art Music: Vocal Media Classification

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Which type of media in music pertains to male and female voices?

What is the lowest of the male vocal registers?

Which type of instruments have strings that are either plucked or bowed?

What type of instruments require wind to produce sound and are blown?

Which female vocal register is the highest?

What is the classification of instruments based on how their sounds are produced?

Which category of instruments is beaten or struck?

Which instrument category has keys that are pressed to produce sound?

What materials are considered as dance costumes?

What are examples of male dance garments?

In which medium does a drama performed live before an audience?

Which medium of literature uses idioms, figures of speech, and literary devices?

What category of art involves the use of different inherent qualities and effects?

"Rizal the Movie" and "Muro Ami" are examples of which type of drama?

What materials are used for costumes, properties, and set design in dance?

What is an example of a keyboard instrument?


This quiz explores the classification of vocal media in contemporary art music, covering the different registers for male and female voices. It delves into the categorization of vocal media into distinct ranges, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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