Constructivism in Learning Theories

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What types of learning are best explained by behaviorism?

What type of mindset provided the framework for many learning theories during the first half of the century?

What influenced the instructional design (ID) technology that arose around 1950?

What strategies do behaviorists prescribe for building and strengthening stimulus-response associations?

What is the main difference between constructivism and traditional cognitive theories?

How do constructivists view the creation of meaning?

Explain the constructivist perspective on knowledge transfer from the external world.

What is the role of individual, direct experiences with the environment in constructivism?

What is the role of memory in constructivist learning?

How is understanding developed in constructivism?

What is the historical context of constructivism as mentioned in the text?

What are the two significant questions that lead instructors/designers to ask?

How does the text describe the evolution of a concept in constructivism?

What is the best answer to the questions about the 'best' approach?

How does the learning process change as learners progress?

What might be effective for novice learners encountering a complex body of knowledge for the first time, but not for learners familiar with the content?


Test your knowledge about the origins, concepts, and applications of constructivism in learning theories. Explore the role of memory and its connection to constructivist approaches in education.

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