Constantine and the Edict of Milan

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Why did Constantine legalize Christianity?

Because he had a vision of a cross in the sky and a promise from God.

What was the purpose of the Edict of Milan?

To allow everyone in the Empire the freedom to worship.

What was one reason why Constantine may not have been considered a genuine Christian despite his actions?

He practiced Paganism.

Why did Monasticism begin according to the text?

To isolate themselves from worldly influences and devote their lives to prayer.

How were the church and state intertwined during Constantine's rule?

The state dictated religious laws.

What was the main reason why the idea of isolation followed by the monks was considered an over-reaction?

It prevented them from living out the 'one another' commands.

What is the Nicene Creed primarily a statement of?

Beliefs of the Christian faith.

What was Arian's false belief about Jesus?

Jesus was half-God and not fully God.

Which term best describes the belief that God exists as one God in three persons?


What is the significance of Jesus' incarnation according to the text?

It fulfilled God's plan for salvation.

Test your knowledge on Constantine, the Roman Emperor who legalized Christianity and issued the Edict of Milan. Learn about his vision of a cross in the sky and the impact of his decision on the Roman Empire.

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