Connective Tissue

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Which type of connective tissue forms a framework for organs and tissues?

Which type of connective tissue is found below the skin and has little extracellular matrix?

Which type of connective tissue gives tissue strength?

Which specialized cell in connective tissue is responsible for storing fat?

Which category of connective tissue includes blood and lymph?

Connective tissue is composed of cells and extracellular matrix.

There are three main categories of connective tissue: fluid, connective tissue proper, and supportive.

Fiberblasts are specialized cells found in many types of connective tissue.

Collagen fibers give connective tissue strength.

Areolar connective tissue connects to underlying tissues and has collagen fibers and elastic fibers.


Test your knowledge on the characteristics and categories of connective tissue in this informative quiz. Learn about the specialized cells and components that make up this essential tissue in the body.

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