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What is the theoretical view of conflict theory?


According to conflict theory, what is conflict considered to be?

A fundamental aspect of society

In conflict theory, what is the perception of differences in importance typically shown through?

Physical force

What does conflict theory consider to be indispensable in creating social change in society?


According to conflict theory, what is considered a source of social change?

The will of individuals and society to obtain limited resources

Who influenced the perspective of conflict theory a lot?

Karl Marx

According to conflict theory, what is the nature of social interaction in society?


What does conflict theory consider to be the main cause of social change?

Tensions and struggles between social classes

According to Marx, why does conflict occur in society?

Unequal distribution of power

What is the main focus of conflict theory?

Emphasizing social conflicts

How does conflict theory explain the existence of social classes?

Related to the distribution of power

What does conflict theory identify as the primary source of conflict between different social groups?

Diversity and differences

What does Marx consider to be the main reason for class struggles in society?

Competition for resources

What does conflict theory view as the tool used by the powerful to protect and regulate their interests?

Legal system

What is considered the underlying cause of conflicts in society according to conflict theory?

Inequality in the economy

What is emphasized as the essence of social life by conflict theory?

Conflict and struggle

Test your knowledge of the basics of conflict theory, including its founder, theoretical view, and key concepts such as determinism and disputes between parties.

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