Concave and Convex Lenses Ray Diagrams

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What is total internal reflection?

When a ray of light travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium with an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle, the ray is reflected back into the denser medium.

How does light travel through optical fibers?

Light travels through optical fibers by undergoing total internal reflection.

What are the different types of lenses mentioned in the text?

The text mentions bi-convex lenses, bi-concave lenses, plano-convex lenses, and plano-concave lenses.

What happens when an object is placed in front of a bi-convex lens?

The image is upright, diminished, and virtual, irrespective of the object distance.

Explore the formation of images by concave and convex lenses and the use of convex lenses to create magnified images. Understand the ray diagrams for hand lenses or simple microscopes.

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