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Aqparat virus nime jiberä?

Aqparat virus näme üçin ýaylanýar?

Brain virus näme üçin Pakistan 1986-njy ýylda epidemiýa çykardy?

Antivirus programmalary näme üçin gutaran?

Wiruslaryň girişiňi ýokarlandyrmak üçin näme gerek?

Wiruslar näme üçin hedef bolýar?

Kompýuter seýilgäni we ýokarlandyrmagyň täzeplikleri näme üçin gerek?


  • The text discusses computer viruses, specifically the "Aqparat" and "Brain" viruses.
  • Aqparat is a type of virus that can cause damage to files and passwords.
  • Aqparat can be spread through infected programs and files.
  • Aqparat is a type of "white" virus, meaning it is not intended to cause harm.
  • Brain was one of the first computer viruses and caused an epidemic in Pakistan in 1986.
  • Computer viruses are harmful programs that can cause damage to files and systems.
  • Antivirus programs can protect against viruses.
  • Data protection is important to prevent viruses from accessing sensitive information.
  • The text mentions the internet and computer systems as potential targets for viruses.
  • Understanding how viruses spread and how to protect against them is important for computer security.


Test your knowledge on computer viruses with this quiz! From "Aqparat" to "Brain," this quiz covers important information on how viruses can harm computer systems and what steps can be taken to protect against them. Challenge yourself to see how well you understand the spread of viruses and the importance of antivirus programs and data protection. Don't let your computer fall victim to harmful viruses - take this quiz to learn more about computer security.

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