Computer System Components and Languages

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16 Questions

What does a computer system consist of?

What is the purpose of lexical analysis in the compilation process?

What is the role of a compiler?

Why are binary codes difficult to work with?

What is the role of a hardware component of a computer system?

What is the main function of a software compiler?

What is the purpose of the Syntax Analysis phase?

What is the role of the Semantic Analyzer phase?

What does the Intermediate Code Generator phase produce?

What is the primary function of a cross compiler?

What is retargeting in the context of cross compilers?

In which phase is the representation of final machine language code produced?

Which phase bridges the analysis and synthesis phase of translation?

What is the primary function of the Code Optimizer phase?

What takes tokens produced by the lexical analyzer as input?

What checks whether the parse tree constructed follows the rules of the language?


This quiz covers the components of a computer system, including hardware and software, and the evolution of computer languages from machine language to higher-level languages. It also discusses the influence of hardware and software on each other.

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