Computer Operations and Components

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What are the two main components of a computer?

Hardware and Software

What is the final step in the data processing cycle?


Which of the following best describes 'data' in the context of computers?

Raw facts given to the computer

Which operation involves performing operations on the data?


What transforms raw facts, figures, and symbols into organized, meaningful, and useful content?


What does the term 'hardware' refer to in the context of a computer?

Physical components such as the system unit, processor, and memory chips

Which type of software instructs the hardware what to do?

Operating System (OS)

What is a key characteristic of reliable computer systems?

Low failure rate

Which part of the computer is responsible for the processing of data at amazing speed?

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

What are examples of I/O devices in a computer system?

Tapes and disks

Test your knowledge about the operations and components of a computer. Learn about the input, processing, and output operations, as well as the hardware and software components of a computer.

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