Computer Network Risks and Virus Threats Quiz

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Viruses can be transferred via: Email attachments, Program or file downloads, Using infected disks, CDs, or flash drives

A ______s: is a self-replicating program that consumes system and network resources

Malware: ______: gathers personal or private information without your consent or knowledge.

A cookie: is a small text file and not dangers but, store user names, passwords and browser activities.

Phishing: is the process of trying to gather sensitive information by e-mail includes link.

Strong ______ protect your accounts. Use a minimum of six characters; eight or more characters is even better, with 15 characters considered the most secure. Include a mixture of numbers, letters, symbols and capital letters. Select one that will be easy to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. Avoid using variations of your name, names of people close to you, address, or birthdate. If you accidentally share your password, change it immediately. Do not “hide” your password near your computer. Do not use the same password for all your accounts.

When an antivirus program is running, it will scan the files you select; when it finds a virus or threat, it will give you the option Quarantine: place the infected file in a quarantined or vault area where it cannot infect other files. Remove: delete infected file from your system permanently.

A ______ is a security barrier that filters and controls the flow of information coming into and out of a private network. The filters used by ______s are simply sets of rules that define and control which type of traffic to allow and which type of traffic to block.

While browsing the Internet, the Address bar in your browser uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). To conduct secure transactions over the Internet, web servers use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (______) to encrypt all exchanges between your computer and the web server. Encryption, which is the process of converting data into an unreadable form. The ______ protocol and a lock icon in the Address bar indicate that you are in a secure area of the vendor’s web site and that transactions can be conducted safely.

A ______: is a duplicate copy of a program, a disk, or data to protect from loss if the active copy is damaged or destroyed. Backups should be written on a storage medium other than the source of the ______.


Test your knowledge about the risks of connecting a computer to a network and the potential threats posed by hackers and viruses. Learn about the ways in which viruses can spread and the potential impact on a computer's operations and data.

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