Computer Network and Internet Basics

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What is the main difference between a network and an internet?

A network is a group of connected devices, while an internet is two or more networks that can communicate with each other.

What are examples of communication links mentioned in the text?

Fiber, copper, radio spectrum

What is the role of routers in a network?

Routers forward packets (chunks of data)

What was the significance of the year 1969 in the context of internet communication system?

It marked the emergence of internet communication system.

How did the capacity of undersea cables change from the 1960s to 1996?

It increased significantly from carrying 138 calls to carrying 1.5M calls.

In circuit switching, what happens during the setup phase?

A dedicated communication path is established

What type of network involves data being sent in discrete portions?

Packet switching

What is a characteristic of circuit switching in terms of bandwidth?

A circuit occupies a fixed capacity of each link for the entire connection duration

What is the primary difference between datagram networks and virtual circuit networks?

Each packet is switched independently in datagram networks

What is a key aspect of the transmit data phase in circuit switching?

Data transfer phase involves sending data over the established circuit

In circuit switching, what happens during the teardown phase?

The dedicated resources are released and the circuit is terminated

What is a key characteristic of packet switching in computer networks?

Data is sent in discrete portions

What is the primary difference between circuit switching and packet switching in terms of resource allocation?

Circuit switching requires dedicated resources for the entire duration of data transfer, while packet switching does not

What is a key aspect of broadcast networks in communication networks?

End nodes share a common channel (TV, radio…)

What is a distinguishing feature of virtual circuit networks in computer networks?

Each packet follows a pre-established path through the network

Test your knowledge about computer networks and the Internet with this quiz. Learn about the fundamentals of network communication, connected devices, transmission links, and the history of the Internet.

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