Computer Hardware and Network Workshop Syllabus

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What is the primary objective of the Workshop on Computer Hardware and Network?

Which topic would be covered in the section 'Introduction of Hardware and Software/components of computer'?

What is the purpose of handling and holding sensitive equipment in the workshop?

Which activity is part of the Networking Basics section of the workshop?

What is the main focus of the section 'Setting BIOS configurations' in the workshop?

What skill does the workshop aim to provide in the 'Creation of Cross Wires and Direct Cables' section?

Which component of a computer is responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations?

What category of computer hardware includes devices like keyboard, mouse, and scanner?

Which type of software allows the hardware to run properly by representing programs and sets of instructions?

What is responsible for storing data in a computer system?

Which unit is made up of complex electronic circuits and is not important for a user to know the details of the circuitry?

Which component is NOT a part of the computer hardware?

Which hardware category includes devices like monitor, printer, and speaker?

Which unit acts as the main circuit board of the computer?

Which type of software directly interacts with the end user and enables specific tasks to be performed?

Which unit is responsible for temporarily holding data and instructions while they are being processed by the CPU?


Explore the syllabus for a workshop on computer hardware and network, covering topics such as assembling a PC, troubleshooting, software installation, and LAN cable preparation.

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