Computer Fundamentals: What is a Computer

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What does a computer do?

What is hardware in a computer system?

Which term describes the instructions that tell the hardware how to perform a task?

What is an Abacus?

According to the text, where was the Abacus used extensively?

What does data become when it is massaged into a useful form?

Who developed a system of multiplication and division using addition and subtraction?

What did John Napier develop in 1617 as a simple calculation tool?

What significant development did Blaise Pascal make in the seventeenth century?

Who developed a better calculator that could perform multiplication and division as well?

Which significant development in computing is considered a milestone signifying the start of the computer age?

What input system was initially developed by Joseph Jacquard as a means of automating weaving?

Who used the input system of punch cards to automate weaving in his tabulating machine?

What company did Herman Hollerith's company ultimately become?


Test your knowledge about the definition and components of a computer system with this quiz on computer fundamentals. Learn about the hardware and software elements that make up a computer and how it processes input to generate output.

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