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Computer professionals must understand that their products affect many people

Computer professionals are responsible for maintaining an expected level of competence and staying up-to-date on current knowledge and technology

Computer ethics primarily involve privacy, accuracy, property, and access issues

The legal system's ability to keep up with technology changes is outstripping the technology itself

Customers do not rely on the knowledge, expertise, and honesty of computer professionals

Systems analysis is the process of developing a plan for an improved system.

A systems analyst is a professional computer employee who performs analysis and design.

The project phases include planning, analysis, design, and implementation.

One of the functions of a systems analyst is to coordinate schedules and system-related tasks.

The planning phase involves identifying business value, analyzing feasibility, and developing a work plan.


Test your knowledge of computer ethics with this quiz covering the standards of moral conduct, the importance of ethics in computer science, and the impact of ethics on technology in our lives.

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