Computer Ethics, Crime and Security Chapter 5 Quiz

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What is one positive impact of a comprehensive information system mentioned in the text?

How does the use of information systems impact job security according to the text?

Which factor poses a potential risk due to the increase in online attacks as mentioned in the text?

What is one negative impact of information systems mentioned in the text related to companies?

What is the basis of trust and cooperation in relationships with others as per the text's discussion on ethics?

What is the analogy used to describe the role of information system (IS) in an organization?

Which of the following is NOT included in the impacts of information systems in organizations?

What is one of the key elements of computer ethics and security mentioned in the text?

In the context of information systems, what does IS stand for?

What is described as essential to the development of any nation as a whole in the text?

Information system is not considered a vital part of development according to the text.

Information systems are not embedded across all verticals in the digital world according to the text.

The analogy used to describe the role of information system (IS) in an organization is related to the circulatory system in the human body.

The impact of information system on job security is not discussed in the text.

Information Economics is not included as one of the topics under Computer Ethics, Computer Crime, and Security according to the text.

The integration of information systems with existing architecture does not require any additional spending by companies, according to the text.

The use of robust information systems has not contributed to educating local populations, as per the text.

The increase in online attacks does not pose any security issues for information systems, according to the text.

The dispersion of ideas and new concepts is not a result of the increasingly used information systems, as mentioned in the text.

Ethical behavior does not conform to standards of moral conduct, as per the text's discussion on ethics.


Test your knowledge of computer ethics, computer crime, security, privacy, intellectual property rights, information economics, and the impact of information systems. This quiz covers topics such as ethical issues in information systems, digital divide, and the impact of IS on development.

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