Computer Data Processing Overview

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Which device is NOT typically used for entering data into a computer system?


What is the role of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in a computer system?

Manipulating data

How is data processed in computers?

By converting it into 1's and 0's

Which unit represents the smallest storage size?


What is the equivalent of 1 Terabyte?

$10^{12}$ bytes

What is the function of Hertz (HZ) in computing?

Measures processing speed

Which type of computer is designed for use by many simultaneous users?

Mainframe computer

What is the purpose of a light pen in computing?

To interact with a computer screen

'1000 Bytes' is equivalent to which storage unit?

$1\text{ KB}$

'1000000 HZ' is equivalent to which computing unit?

$1\text{ MHZ}$

Learn about how computers manage input data from various devices, process it using the Central Processing Unit (CPU) by following instructions in programs, and produce useful information as output through monitors, printers, and speakers.

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