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What is another name for Computed Tomography (CT)?

What is the sensitivity of CT to subtle differences in x-ray attenuation compared to screen-film recording systems?

How does CT imaging differ from conventional radiography?

What does the term 'tomography' derive from?

What type of procedure is Computed Tomography (CT)?

Computed tomography (CT) is an invasive imaging procedure?

The term 'tomography' is derived from the Greek words tomos and graphein?

CT forms a two-dimensional image, eliminating the superimposed structures that occur in plane film imaging?

The sensitivity of CT to subtle differences in x-ray attenuation is a factor of 100 higher than normally achieved by screen-film recording systems?

CT imaging uses regular x-ray equipment to create detailed pictures of areas inside the body?


Test your knowledge about computed tomography (CT), a noninvasive imaging procedure that produces detailed cross-sectional images of the body using special x-ray equipment. Learn about the origins of the term 'tomography' and the differences between CT and conventional radiography.

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