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What type of information is required for decisions related to long-term planning and strategy?

Strategic information

Which of the following statements accurately describes strategic information?

It is essential for directing actions in the long term.

What distinguishes tactical information from strategic information?

Volume of data and ease of obtainability

In the context of the text, what type of information is obtained from day-to-day collection of routine data?

Tactical information

What type of decisions does tactical information support?

Routine business operations

Which type of information necessitates specific data processing designed for short-term decision-making?

Tactical information

What is the main difference between qualitative and quantitative data?

Qualitative data is descriptive while quantitative data consists of numbers and measurements.

If a scientist wants to analyze the behavior of a certain animal, what type of data would be most useful?

Qualitative data

In what context do we typically collect and store data?

Via observation

Which of the following best describes the term 'data'?

Facts, figures, measurements, and amounts gathered for analysis or reference

If someone is analyzing a dataset that includes measurements like weight and height, what type of data are they working with?

Quantitative data

Which type of data is more likely to include information like color, texture, or appearance?

Qualitative data

What is the primary purpose of the Survey phase in building an information system?

Identifying challenges and issues encountered by the company and existing system

Which phase of the SDLC focuses on understanding the interconnected details of system components?


What critical aspects should be analyzed during the Analysis phase in building an information system?

Business plans and processes

In which phase does the organization provide a design guideline to the IT team?


What is NOT a part of the phases involved in building an information system based on the SDLC?

User feedback collection

What is the main focus of the Implementation phase in the SDLC for building an information system?

Deploying the system for actual use in the organization

What is the main function of software in an Information System?

Interacts with the hardware to provide instructions

How does the text describe the nature of software in an Information System?

Intangible and non-touchable

What analogy does the text use to explain data in an Information System?

Data is like a collection of facts and information

Why is aggregated, indexed, and organized data considered powerful for an organization?

Because it is intangible but useful

What aspect of an information system is often overlooked when focusing on technology components?

People involved

In the context of an information system, what defines a process?

A series of steps to achieve a goal

What is the primary role of sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Detecting and responding to physical changes in the environment

How do information systems contribute to organizations?

By providing a consistent and powerful advantage in the business environment

What is the main function of sensors embedded in objects?

Detecting and responding to physical changes in the environment

How has technology impacted the role of information systems?

By evolving information systems to become the backbone of organizations

What advantage do organizations gain by using their information systems for data-driven decisions?

An edge over those operating with traditional level information systems

What parameter is NOT typically measured by sensors in IoT?


Test your knowledge on the components of an information system, including software and data. Learn about how software provides instructions to hardware and how data is a collection of facts and information.

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