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What is the definition of 'จำนวนเชิงซ้อน'?

Which type of number includes both a real and an imaginary part?

In mathematics, what does a complex number consist of?

What is the value of n in the expression 'รากที่nของจำนวนเชิงซ้อน'?

In the context of 'จำนวนเชิงซ้อน', what does the term 'ราก' refer to?

What does 'จำนวนเชิงซ้อน' represent in mathematics?


'จำนวนเชิงซ้อน' is the Thai term for complex numbers in mathematics. A complex number consists of a real part and an imaginary part and is typically represented as a+bi, where 'a' is the real part, 'b' is the imaginary part, and 'i' is the imaginary unit. This quiz tests your knowledge of complex numbers and their properties, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Are you ready to test your

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