Compilers vs Interpreters

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What is the primary function of a compiler in programming?

Translate source code into machine code all at once

Which of the following best describes an interpreter in programming?

Executes source code line by line as it is read

What is one significant advantage of using compilers over interpreters in programming?

Compiled programs can be supplied as executable files

What is a disadvantage of compilers as mentioned in the text?

Programs compiled on one platform will not run on another

How does the execution speed of compiled programs generally compare to interpreted programs?

Compiled programs run quicker as they have already been translated

Which advantage of interpreters is highlighted in the text?

Instructions are executed as soon as they are translated

What makes interpreters useful during program development according to the text?

Translating instructions one-by-one and stopping at errors

How do compilers and interpreters differ in handling errors according to the text?

Interpreters quickly spot errors and notify the user where interpretation failed

What is the primary difference between compilers and assemblers?

Compilers generate many machine code instructions for each high-level instruction, while assemblers create one machine code instruction for each assembly instruction.

Which utility program combines object files into a single executable file or library file?


What is the responsibility of a loader in the context of operating systems?

Loading programs and libraries into memory for execution

Why is an operating system considered the most important software on a computer?

It allows multiple computer programs to access CPU, memory, and storage simultaneously.

Explore the differences between compilers and interpreters, including their disadvantages and how they work in translating source code into machine code. Learn about the necessity for re-compilation in compilers and the platform-specific nature of machine code produced by compilers.

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