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Comparison of Land Area: USA, China, and Russia

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What type of crop is corn classified as based on the text?

What is the main use of hay, according to the text?

Which crop experienced a significant decrease in production between 1997 and 2003?

What type of land in the USA includes national parks, wildlife reserves, and forests?

According to the US Census Bureau, how does it define 'urban places'?

Which crop, not listed in US government reports, was estimated to be a bigger money maker than corn in 2006?

What is the significant difference in yield per acre between corn and wheat, as mentioned in the text?

What percentage of Americans live in cities today?

What type of land takes up only 3.5% of the land area of the United States?

Based on the information provided, what makes marijuana production data difficult to validate?


Explore the land area comparisons between the USA, China, and Russia. Learn about the total area of each country and how the vastness of the USA contrasts with its population density.

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