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What does the study of comparative psychologists concerning the gaining of knowledge focus on?


Which aspect of animal behavior is the study of orientation by comparative psychologists concerned with?

Reactions to light, heat, and other forces

What does the field of developmental psychology primarily study?

Changes in behavior throughout an animal's lifetime

Who is known for supporting maturational theory and finding a set developmental pattern in children's behavior?

Arnold Gesell

Which theory of child development emphasizes the role of maturation, especially of the nervous system?

Maturational theory

What does reproductive behavior in animals entail?

Mating habits and caring for young

In developmental psychology, what do many specialists focus on studying?

Children or adolescents

What are the four main theories that psychologists use when researching child behavior according to the text?

Maturational theory, psychoanalytic theory, learning theory, cognitive theory

Test your knowledge on different studies in comparative psychology with this quiz. Answer questions related to learning, migration, orientation, and reproductive behavior of animals.

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