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What do Community Dynamics consist of?

Structures that function and interact with each other

What is the main goal of Community Action?

To empower people in the community building process

Which professions are considered under Applied Social Sciences?

Social work, counseling, journalism, economics

How do interactions in Community Dynamics affect structures?

They may cause changes in the structures themselves

What distinguishes Applied Social Sciences from other disciplines?

Utilizing perspectives and theories for practical application in daily life

In what ways do Community Actions empower individuals?

By encouraging active contributions to community building

What characterizes activities falling under Community Action?

Aimed at empowering people towards community building

Test your knowledge on the structures and interactions that bring changes to a community, as well as activities aimed at empowering people to become active contributors. Explore concepts from 'Community Engagement, Solidarity and Citizenship' by Espinas and Maraῆo.

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