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What is the main goal of communism?

To establish a society where private property is non-existent

Who are the key figures in developing the theory and practice of communism?

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Which nations have had nominally communist governments?

Soviet Union, China, and Cuba

Has there ever been a purely communist state that completely eliminated personal property, money, and class systems?

No, there has never been a purely communist state

What is a key characteristic of capitalism?

Private actors own and control capital assets

In capitalism, how is labor compensated?

By receiving money wages

What sets prices in a capitalist system?

Consumer preferences

Who controls capital assets in a capitalist system?

Private actors

Test your knowledge about the economic and political ideology of communism, its advocates, and its opposition to liberal democracy and capitalism. Explore the history and practice of communism in nations like the former Soviet Union, China, and Cuba.

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