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Also called as communal society, it refers to human associations that are characterized by being intimate, informal, caring, homogenous, and group welfare oriented.


Also called as associational society, it pertains to human associations that characterized by being impersonal, formal, rational heterogenous, and individualistically oriented.


  • These are cities of big towns where there is a large, highly dense, and heterogeneous population.

Urban Communities

  • These are territorial areas or villages where there is a small, low density, and homogenous population.

Rural Communities

These are residential or mixed area located at the city, out skirts, or within the community distance of a city.

Sub Urban Communities

It is geographically bounded community such as village, barangay, city, town, municipality, province, region, and country.

Local Community

It characterizes the interconnectivity of people or countries all over the world.

Global Community

Types of Community Sectors

Public sectors, Private sectors, Voluntary sectors

  • It denotes the government and its agencies.

Public Sector

It refers to businesses or enterprises.

Private Sector

Test your knowledge on communal societies, which are characterized by intimacy, informality, care, homogeneity, and a focus on group welfare.

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