Comatose Client Assessment

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What is an expected finding in the physical appearance data collection?

Client is clean and dressed appropriately for the environment

Which abnormal posturing is associated with decerebrate rigidity?

Neck and elbow extension, wrist, and finger flexion

What does data collection for physical appearance include?

Personal hygiene, grooming, nutritional status, and clothing choice

What is the purpose of the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)?

To assess cognitive status and orientation to time and place

What does expected finding in physical appearance data collection NOT include?

Client looks older than their stated age

Which tool is used for pain rating?

Wong, Baker faces

Who can provide valuable information for data collection in mentally healthy children and adolescents?

Both the client and caregivers

What is the purpose of physical examination in mental health nursing?

To assess the client's physical condition and collect data

Why should the nurse ask for feedback from the client after an interview?

To summarize the interview findings for record-keeping

What is the primary concern when performing physical data collection for a client in mental health nursing?

Using physical examination to assess and collect data on the client's condition

What is a possible consequence of not asking for the client's feedback after an interview?

Inability to understand the client's perception of illness and wellness

What should the nurse do if the client is triggered by touch during physical examination?

Immediately stop the physical examination to avoid further triggering

Which action best demonstrates cultural sensitivity in mental health nursing?

Incorporating the client's cultural beliefs into the care plan

This quiz covers the assessment of a comatose client, including their response to stimuli, abnormal posturing, and physical appearance data collection such as personal hygiene and nutritional status.

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