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32 Questions

What is Code 2F?

Code 1 is...?

Code 2 is...?

What is Code 3?

Code 4 is...?

Code 5 is..?

Code 5M is...?

Code 6 is...?

What is signal 7?

What is Code 7P?

What is Code 8?

What is Code 9?

Code 6101 is...?

What is Code 6104?

What is Code 6105?

Code 6106 is...?

Code 6201 is...?

Code 6202 is...?

What is Code 6203?

What is Code 6204?

What is Code 6205?

Code 6206 is...?

Code 6207 is...?

Code 6208 is...?

What is Code 6209?

What is Code 6210?

Code 6211 is...?

What is Code 6001?

What is Code 6002?

Code 6004 is...?

Code 6005 is...?

Code 6006 is...?


Test your knowledge of programming with this quiz on Code 1. This quiz will cover the basics of coding and programming concepts, including syntax, data types, and control structures. See how much you know about this fundamental topic in the world of technology.

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