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Money or assets used to start, operate, or expand a business.

The group of potential customers or clients for a particular product or service.

The movement of goods, information, or money within a business or the broader economy.

Ongoing operating expenses of a business, such as rent, utilities, and salaries, not directly tied to production.

Rivalry among businesses or individuals for customers, market share, or resources.

A detailed strategy or roadmap outlining business goals and the steps to achieve them.

A physical location or structure used for business operations or production.

Goods or services offered by a business for sale to customers.

The inventory of goods a business holds for sale or raw materials for production.

The allocation of funds or resources with the expectation of generating future income or profit.

The costs incurred in the process of running a business, including overheads, wages, and materials.

The revenue generated by selling products or services to customers.

A very large company with offices in many different countries is

A business that is owned by another larger company is

A company which controls a smaller company is

A company which salls its shares to the public is

A business which has a licence to use the name and sell the products or services of a larger company which provides support is

A business owned and operated by private individuals or entities, rather than the government is

A synonym for a business or company, often used to describe a business entity, regardless of its size or structure is

Individuals or entities that own shares or equity in a company, representing ownership and a claim on the company's profits is

Physical or virtual locations of a business that operate under the same name and branding, often in different geographic areas is

Individuals elected or appointed to oversee the management and decision-making processes of a company, often responsible for the company's strategic direction and compliance with laws and regulations is

A business enterprise in which ownership, management, or both are controlled by members of a single family, often spanning multiple generations is

what is a range ?


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