CMS 111(6): NCI and Dissociation in Neurocognitive Disorders Lecture

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What is the most likely diagnosis for the 65-year-old man?


What is the key differentiating factor between neurocognitive disorders and dissociative disorders?

Underlying brain pathology

Which symptom indicates a higher likelihood of delirium rather than neurocognitive disorder?

Fluctuating levels of consciousness

What type of dissociative disorder might be considered in this case?

Dissociative fugue

Which of the following is a potential cause of delirium in the elderly?

Vitamin B deficiency and hypothermia

What is the most common type of dementia?

Alzheimer's disease

What is the defining characteristic of delirium?

Global cognitive impairment of abrupt onset

Which cognitive function is assessed by testing the registration of 3 unrelated words or an address?

Short term memory

What is the main feature of apraxia associated with parietal lobe dysfunction?

Clock drawing test

Which condition results from central nervous system impairment and includes confusion and clouding of consciousness?


What is a potential cause of delirium related to drugs in the elderly?

Antihistaminics and neuroleptics

Which type of cognitive function assessment involves naming objects or figures?

"Naming objects or figures" test

'Dementia involves the gradual loss of intellectual abilities without impairment of consciousness.' What type of dementia does this statement refer to?

Mild NCD

'It usually occurs in the course of an acute medical illness such as encephalitis or meningitis but is also seen in drug use and withdrawal, particularly withdrawal from alcohol.' What is being referred to in this statement?


'Delirium is a syndrome that includes confusion and clouding of consciousness that result from central nervous system impairment.' Which part of the brain is primarily affected in delirium?

"Frontal lobe"

Which type of cognitive function assessment involves a test for aphasia by asking the individual to repeat 'no ifs or buts'?

Repeat 'no ifs or buts' test

Test your understanding of neurocognitive disorders and dissociative disorders in Prof. Dr. Doha El-Serafi's lecture. Learn about the clinical criteria, types, and definitions of these disorders. Explore a clinical case to apply your knowledge.

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