Cloud Computing Technology and Information Systems: Chapter 8

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What does IaaS (infrastructure as a service) provide?

Access to networking features, computers, and data storage space

What is the main focus of PaaS (platform as a service)?

Reducing the need to manage underlying infrastructure

Which cloud deployment model involves connecting infrastructure and applications between cloud-based resources and existing resources not located in the cloud?


What is the benefit of deploying resources on-premises in a private cloud?

Dedicated resources

What advantage does cloud computing offer by trading capital expense for variable expense?

Stop guessing capacity

Which type of cloud service provides a completed product that the service provider runs and manages?


What level of control does SaaS (software as a service) provide over IT resources?

Less control over IT resources

What does a hybrid cloud deployment enable organizations to do?

Extend and grow their infrastructure into the cloud

What is the main focus of the challenges of cloud computing?

Policy and organizational issues

Which cloud service provider has the highest number of availability zones?

Microsoft Azure

What is the primary concern of legal issues in cloud computing?

Licensing risk

Which factor is NOT a part of technical issues in cloud computing?

Lock-in vendor

What is the main focus of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud service provider?

Developer productivity and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

Which cloud service provider has the lowest number of regions?


What is the primary concern of technical issues in cloud computing?

Shared technology

Which issue is NOT related to policy and organizational challenges in cloud computing?

Data transfer bottlenecks

What does the acronym SLA stand for in the context of cloud computing?

Service level agreement

Which of the following best describes cloud computing?

Delivery of IT resources via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing

What is a key advantage of cloud computing over traditional computing models?

Enables on-demand provisioning of capacity

Which cloud service model provides applications as a service rather than a product?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

What characterizes cloud storage?

Internet-based storage provided by servers in the 'cloud'

How does cloud computing impact the way infrastructure is viewed and used?

It enables viewing and using infrastructure as software

What challenge is commonly associated with cloud computing?

Managing variable demand peaks

What concept does the term 'cloud' represent in cloud storage?

'Cloud' represents servers providing online storage via the internet

In what way does cloud computing differ from traditional computing with regard to capacity provisioning?

Cloud computing requires guessing theoretical maximum peaks for capacity provisioning

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