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What is the main concept behind service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

Using software components called services to create business applications

In what way does grid computing differ from utility computing?

Grid computing combines computer resources for a common goal, while utility computing offers resources on demand.

What distinguishes utility computing from traditional fixed-rate service models?

Utility computing charges based on resource consumption rather than a flat rate.

How do services in service-oriented architecture (SOA) interact with each other?

Services can communicate across platforms and languages

What is the primary objective of grid computing?

To combine computer resources from different locations for a common goal

What is cloud computing?

A method of delivering computing services and IT resources over the internet

How does cloud computing work?

By accessing computing resources over the internet

What is virtualization technology used for?

To run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine

Why do businesses use virtualization?

To efficiently use hardware resources

What are cloud providers responsible for in cloud computing?

Ensuring security and computing power

How does cloud computing help organizations manage infrastructure efficiently?

By leveraging cloud computing services powered by virtualization

Test your knowledge on cloud computing technologies with this quiz. Learn about the concept of cloud computing, how it works, and its benefits in the field of information technology.

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