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Who is described as a 'not a cheerful fellow at the best of times'?

Who is going to read his new story tonight?

What do the other drinkers think of the Ringelmann's mood?

What is the Ringelmann's responsibility?

What do the other drinkers find terrifying?

What do the ghostly fingers do?

What is theBurgomaster's opinion of Fritz's stories?

What is the Ringle man's responsibility?

Who is the author of the book 'Clockwork'?

What is the fate of stories that have been wound up?

What was the custom for clockmakers' apprentices when their apprenticeship ended?

How long did it take for the great clock of Glockenheim to complete its movement?

Who was in charge of the great clock of Glockenheim?


Test your knowledge of Philip Pullman's novel "Clockwork" with this quiz! Explore the themes of time, clockwork mechanisms, and the captivating storytelling of Pullman. Challenge yourself to see how well you remember the intricacies of this gripping tale.

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