Classroom Management: Essential Skills for Teachers

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What does classroom management refer to?

According to the text, what is essential for a successful teacher?

What do successful teachers do to prevent misbehaviors?

Why is it important for teachers to figure out the real causes of deviant behavior?

What is recommended at the beginning of the school year regarding class rules?

According to the text, what should the consequences of misbehavior be discussed in relation to?

What is the best seating arrangement for larger classes according to the text?

What should teachers do in order to maximize eye contact among students?

What should teachers consider in advance when organizing changing partners or groups?

What is recommended for communicating positive expectations to students?

What is a suggested method for calling a student to their desk or giving nonverbal cues?

What method is recommended for managing misbehavior according to the text?

What seating arrangement is suggested for smaller numbers of adult or teenage students?

What is recommended for making two sets of name tags?

How should teachers handle changing partners or changing groups?

What is suggested for student names during special classes?


Test your knowledge about the universally important aspect of being a successful teacher - classroom management. This quiz covers the ways in which student behavior, movement, and interaction during a lesson are organized and controlled, essential for building rapport with students.

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