Classifying Metamorphic Rocks

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What is the main factor used to classify metamorphic rocks?

What is the defining characteristic used by geologists to identify metamorphic rocks?

What type of change occurs in the crystal structure of metamorphic rocks due to intense heat and/or pressure?

Which process of rock formation involves the heat and pressure from the mechanical weight of overlying sediment or the Earth's mantle?

What is the main difference between regional metamorphism and contact metamorphism in terms of the rock affected?

What type of metamorphism occurs when other types of rock come in contact with or are impacted by the heat of magma?

What is the primary location of magma, which is liquid rock under the Earth's surface?

Which type of metamorphic rock is often made of a single mineral and can be used for construction and sculpture?

What is the result of foliation in layered metamorphic rocks?

What mineral is found in metamorphic rocks such as gneiss, schist, and phyllites, and is highly reflective and used as glitter in many cosmetics?

Which mineral is the most abundant on Earth?

What type of rock is formed from quartz-rich sandstone?

Which type of rock is a protolith for slate?

What is the parent rock of marble?

Which mineral group contains large amounts of aluminum and silica?


Learn about the classification and identification of metamorphic rocks. Understand the various ways in which metamorphic rocks are classified and identified based on their formation and characteristics.

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