Classical vs 21st Century Music: Spot the Differences

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What is a characteristic of Classical music?

What distinguishes contemporary classical music from the common practice period?

Which form of composition is associated with Classical music?

What is a characteristic of 20th-century contemporary classical music?

Which period of music introduced a shift towards a single melody with accompaniment?

What type of music shifted away from the Baroque period's emphasis on polyphonic texture?

Which type of music is largely tonal?

Which type of music has no dominant style and varies greatly?

Classical music is characterized by a single melody with no accompaniment.

Contemporary classical music from the 20th century has a dominant and consistent style.

Classical music emphasizes a larger variety of keys, melodies, rhythms, and dynamics compared to Baroque music.

Contemporary classical music is largely atonal.

Classical music compositions include sonata, trio, string quartet, symphony, and concerto.

Contemporary classical music places more emphasis on vocal music than instrumental music.

Classical music shifted away from the Baroque period's emphasis on polyphonic texture.

Contemporary classical music has shorter and clearer melodies compared to Baroque music.


Explore the differences between Classical (1750 - 1830) music and 21st century music. Learn about the shift in emphasis from polyphonic texture to a single melody with accompaniment and other defining characteristics of Classical music.

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