Class XII NCERT Indian History: Ancient to Modern

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During which ancient period in Indian history did Emperor Ashoka rule?

Which historical period in India saw the rise of trade routes like the Silk Route?

What characterized society during the Mahajanapadas Era in India?

Which historical figure played a crucial role in the Indian independence movement and is studied in Class XII NCERT textbooks?

What was a significant aspect of the social structure studied during the Vedic Period in India?

Which era in Indian history witnessed interactions with the Arab world through traders and Viking invaders from Scandinavia?


In Class XII NCERT history textbooks, students delve into various periods of Indian history from ancient times until modern history. Some key events covered include the Vedic Period (c.1500 BCE), Mahajanapadas Era (c.600 BCE - c.317 BC) where India was divided into small kingdoms, the Maurya Empire under Emperor Chandragupta Maurya that unified most parts of India, Ashoka's rule marked by peace, education, and cultural unity followed by the rise of trade routes like Silk Route, and later the Gupta Empire established in AD 320. Students learn about the social structure during this period with castes, tribes, and clans, and also study the development of states, polity, and economy. During the Medieval Period, there were interactions between the Arab world through traders, as well as Viking invaders from Scandinavia causing several changes in society due to conquests and migrations. Additionally, students cover nationalism movements and their role in shaping the future of India. Other important historical figures studied include Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar among others who played crucial roles in India's independence movement.


Explore key events and historical figures in Indian history from ancient times to modern history as covered in the Class XII NCERT history textbooks. Topics include Vedic Period, Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, Medieval Period interactions, nationalism movements, and important figures like Gandhi and Nehru.

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