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What remained unaddressed in the case cited above?

The issue of the safety conditions of workers remained unaddressed.

What is one way to protect the environment, as suggested in the text?

Gradually move to cleaner technologies and processes in factories.

What happens to workers when factories are closed?

Thrown out of work, many of the workers end up as small traders or as daily-wage laborers.

What is the challenge mentioned in the text?

To look for solutions where everyone can benefit from a clean environment.

Why did Union Carbide set up its plant in India?

For cheap labor and lower operating costs.

What were some cost-cutting measures used at the UC plant in India?

Ignoring safety equipment, lower safety measures, and cutting the work crew in half.

What are some of the demands made by the people affected by the Bhopal disaster?

Safe drinking water, health-care facilities, jobs, and prosecution of the UC chairman.

Why are accidents and safety issues common at construction sites in poorer countries?

To cut costs and maximize profits.

Why do we need a law on minimum wages?

To protect workers from exploitation and ensure fair wages.

What is the minimum wage for a construction worker in your state?

Varies by state, check local regulations for specific minimum wage for construction workers.

Do you think the minimum wage for a construction worker is adequate, low or high?

Open-ended, subjective response.

Who sets the minimum wages?

Government or relevant labor authorities.

Test your knowledge about the 'Story of a Shirt' from your Class VII book and understand the chain of markets linking the producer of cotton to the buyer of the shirt in the supermarket. Explore the concept of buying and selling at every step in the chain and the potential exploitation faced by individuals involved in the production process.

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