Class Reptilia Characteristics

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Match the following characteristics with reptiles:

Covered by dry and cornified skin = Reptiles Three-chambered heart = Reptiles Oviparous and direct development = Reptiles External ear openings absent = Reptiles

Match the following features with reptiles:

Tympanum represents ear = Reptiles Limbs, when present, are two pairs = Reptiles Poikilotherms = Reptiles Sexes are separate = Reptiles

Match the following reptile groups with their type of fertilization:

Snakes and lizards = Internal fertilization Crocodiles = Internal fertilization Turtles = Internal fertilization Iguanas = Internal fertilization

Match the following descriptions with reptile behavior:

Shed their scales as skin cast = Snakes and lizards Mostly terrestrial animals = Reptiles Development is direct = Reptiles Four-chambered heart in some species = Crocodiles

Match the following terms with their meaning in relation to reptiles:

Scutes = Epidermal scales Creeping or crawling mode of locomotion = Reptilia Dry and cornified skin covering body = Reptiles Tympanum as an ear representation = Reptiles

Learn about the characteristics of the class Reptilia, including their mode of locomotion, body covering, ear structure, limbs, heart chambers, and thermoregulation. Explore the unique features of reptiles like snakes and lizards.

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