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What is the primary purpose of the website 'explainstudy1'?

To provide study material for competitive exams

Where can one find the 'Bestline net' VPN?

Google Play Store

What does the website offer related to 'INDIA THROUGH A TRAVELLER’S EYES'?

All chapters in English and Hindi

What is 'INDIA THROUGH A TRAVELLER’S EYES' in relation to the class 12th curriculum?

A prose section in the Bihar Board English Rainbow book

What is the main subject of the website created by chandan Kushwaha?

Class 12th English, Rainbow book - Hindi Anuvaad

What type of content is available on 'explainstudy1' for class 12th students?

English and Hindi summaries of 'INDIA THROUGH A TRAVELLER’S EYES'

What was the purpose of the writer's visit to India?

To interact with young intellectuals in cities and peasants in villages

What was the view of the Indian intellectuals regarding England before the Second World War?

They were embittered and disappointed with England

What did the writer learn about the people of Kashmir?

They have lovely cream-colored skin, blue eyes, and auburn hair

Why did India support England during the Second World War?

Because they were forced to choose between barbarism and civilization

Who was the first woman President of the General Assembly of the United Nations?

The text does not mention her name

What did Gandhiji realize early in India's struggle for freedom?

That both peasants and intellectuals were to be won

What has India influenced in the world?

Knowledge of the West and ability to speak fine English

What did the intellectuals in India decide regarding England's role in the Second World War?

To rebel after the war broke out and compel England to set India free

What does the text suggest about Gandhi's contribution to India's struggle for freedom?

He played a significant role in winning both peasants and intellectuals for the cause of freedom

What does the text say about India's influence on the world after gaining independence?

It put the knowledge of the West and ability to speak fine English to good use

What lesson does the text suggest for the world to learn from India's struggle for freedom?

War and killing achieve nothing

What was unique about India's struggle for freedom compared to America's war of independence?

India's struggle achieved freedom without bloodshed, unlike America’s war of independence which involved bloodshed

In which of the following fertilization needs water medium?


Select the odd one out with respect to haemophilia:

X–linked dominant disorder

Minamata disease is due to pollutant:


Which of the following is the high-milk yielding variety of cow?


Binary fission is found in:

Amoeba and Paramoecium both

Which of the following has the XX – XO sex determination system?

Water hyacinth

In the XX – XO type of sex determination, what is true about males?

Males are homogametic

Which of the following is a secondary pollutant?


What is Taichung Native-1 a variety of?


What is the fusion of gametes called?


Which genotype will produce 4 different types of gametes?


Who proposed the term 'ecosystem'?


What is the method of producing thousands of plants through tissue culture called?


Which plant is called the 'Terror of Bengal'?

Water hyacinth

'Holandric genes' are found on which chromosome?


Which combination causes acid rain?

SO2 , NH3

Test your understanding of the prose section 'India Through a Traveller’s Eyes' from the Class 12th Bihar Board English Rainbow book with this quiz. Explore the summary of all chapters and enhance your comprehension.

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