Class 12 Political Science: Environment and Natural Resources Summary

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What is a key challenge in the contemporary world related to protecting the environment and natural resources?

Linkage of these issues to national and international security

How can natural resource depletion contribute to conflict and instability?

By leading to conflict in regions with scarce resources

What impact can deforestation and land degradation have on the environment?

Exacerbating climate change and contributing to biodiversity loss

Which type of crimes are mentioned as threats to the environment in the text?

Illegal logging, wildlife trafficking, and pollution

Why are climate change risks considered significant in terms of security?

They can cause more frequent and severe natural disasters

In what way can environmental crimes impact society negatively?

Undermining the rule of law, fueling corruption, and financing criminal networks

Study Notes

Security in the Contemporary World: Environment and Natural Resources

  • Protecting the environment and managing natural resources is crucial for national and international security.

Climate Change and Security

  • Climate change poses significant security risks, including:
  • More frequent and severe natural disasters
  • Food and water shortages
  • Displacement of people

Natural Resource Depletion and Conflict

  • Natural resource depletion can lead to:
  • Conflict and instability
  • Particularly in regions where resources are already scarce
  • Examples of natural resource depletion:
  • Water scarcity
  • Overfishing

Deforestation and Land Degradation

  • Deforestation and land degradation can:
  • Exacerbate climate change
  • Contribute to the loss of biodiversity
  • Undermine ecosystem health and ecosystem services

Environmental Crimes and Security

  • Environmental crimes can:
  • Undermine the rule of law
  • Fuel corruption
  • Finance criminal networks
  • Examples of environmental crimes:
  • Illegal logging
  • Wildlife trafficking
  • Pollution

Enhance your understanding of Security in the Contemporary World by exploring the summary post on Environment and Natural Resources for Class 12 Political Science. Dive deeper into the concepts of globalization and environmental security.

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