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Which type of claim can be proven or disproved with the help of factual evidence?

What type of support for a claim of fact comes from a reliable and credible source, data, or observations?

Which type of claim presents an assertion about whether something is good or bad, or one concept is better than another?

What type of claim often reflects individual or societal preferences, attitudes, or beliefs?

Which type of claim can be tested or verified through observation, measurement, or research?

Which type of claim often involves subjective judgments or opinions about the worth or desirability of something?

What type of claim focuses on proposing a specific solution to address a particular issue or problem?

Which element refers to the movement that is interpreted, such as body language and facial expression?

What type of claim supports that action should or should not be taken to address a certain case or policy?

Which element refers to the arrangement of elements in space, including physical distance and closeness between people?

Which type of claim often involves comparisons between different things based on the evaluator's criteria?

What type of claim focuses on identifying a problem and proposing a solution or action to mitigate or solve that problem?


Test your understanding of claims of facts, which are statements that can be proven or disproved with factual evidence. This quiz covers topics such as factual accuracy, empirical verification, and the object nature of fact claims.

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