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Which principle is associated with the idea of popular sovereignty?

Creating government dependent on people's authority

What was a central principle of the Declaration of Independence?

Equality of all men

Which governmental system did American colonists experience first?

Unitary system

What was required for the approval of policies and treaty ratification under the Articles of Confederation?

Unanimous approval of all 13 states

Where did the most power rest within the governmental structure established by the Articles of Confederation?

State governments

Which branch of government did the Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court decision set a precedent for?

Judicial Branch

What does the Full Faith and Credit Clause in Article IV of the Constitution require states to do?

Recognize each other's public acts and records

Which amendment to the Constitution includes protections for freedom of speech, assembly, petition, and the press?

First Amendment

What is the main purpose of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Clarify reserved powers of the states

Which type of statements are covered by the distinction between libel and slander?

Written and spoken statements harming reputation

Test your knowledge on actions practiced by individuals engaging in civic life, public experience, and political ideologies. Explore topics like holding public officials accountable, advocating for self-interest, and the role of government in society.

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