Cisco Packet Tracer Protocol Simulation

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What is the primary function of Packet Tracer?

Which protocols can be displayed using Packet Tracer?

What is the recommended practice for students using Packet Tracer?

Which action selects a device in Packet Tracer?

What happens when you single click on a group of devices in Packet Tracer?

What does Packet Tracer recommend for building a network topology?

What should you click first to add three more hosts?

Which device should you select to add a hub?

How do you connect PC0 to Hub0?

What should you click first to add a switch?

Which device should you select to add a switch?

How do you connect PC2 to Switch0?


Test your knowledge of Packet Tracer, a protocol simulator developed by Cisco Systems. Explore the various networking protocols, including layer 2 (Ethernet, PPP), layer 3 (IP, ICMP, ARP), layer 4 (TCP, UDP), and routing protocols. Understand how Packet Tracer supplements real equipment experience for students.

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