Circus Skills Quiz

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What are circus skills?

Are circus skills still being performed today?

Who practices circus skills as a hobby?

What are the Gurevich system and the Hovey Burgess system?

What are some examples of shows where circus skills are performed?

What is the Russian Circus School's curriculum based on?

Are sideshow attractions a type of circus skill?

Do all circus schools use the same system to categorize circus skills?

What is the main purpose of circus skills?


"Step Right Up! Test Your Knowledge of Circus Skills with this Fun Quiz!" Take the leap and see if you're a true circus aficionado with our circus skills quiz. From aerial acrobatics to clowning around, this quiz covers it all! Test your knowledge of the different disciplines and categories of circus skills. Whether you're an aspiring performer or just a curious enthusiast, this quiz is sure to entertain and educate. So come one, come all, and see how well you know the

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