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What portion of a person's income was typically given to the Church during the time period discussed?


Who was the German clergyman and professor of Theology known for openly criticizing the papacy?

Martin Luther

What was the main subject of 'In Praise of Folly' that exposed the practices of the Church?

Desiderius Erasmus

During the dissolution of monasteries in 1536, which King of England acquired the Church lands?

Henry VIII

What was the primary purpose of indulgences during this historical period?

Letters of pardon that could be bought

Which council took responsibility for establishing seminaries to educate and train priests during this era?

Council of Trent

What was the main target of the religious movements known as the Reformation?

The Pope

What was the primary purpose of a Letter of Indulgence during the Reformation era?

To remit punishments for sins

How did priests traditionally handle a person who had sinned before the availability of Letters of Indulgence?

By assigning special services or pilgrimages

What led to the issuing of Letters of Indulgence by Pope Leo X?

To fund the construction of St. Peter's Church

Why did various countries start their own versions of the Protestant Movement?

To oppose objectionable practices of the Church

What was a key reason why kings supported the Reformation Movement?

To counter the Pope's interference in political affairs

Why did the rulers of Europe quarrel with the Popes in the 13th century?

Over the royal right to tax Church property

What prompted Desiderius Erasmus to write 'In Praise of Folly'?

To expose objectionable practices of the Church like charging fees for salvation

How did King Henry VIII of England curb the power of the Pope?

By passing an Act to dissolve the monasteries and acquire their wealth

What was the primary goal of the Counter Reformation?

To strengthen and restore credibility to the Catholic Church

What was a significant action taken by the Council of Trent during the Counter Reformation?

Banning books with anti-Catholic teachings

What was one key role assigned to seminaries during the Counter Reformation?

To train priests and educate them on Church doctrines

Test your knowledge of Church history with questions on income contributions, critiques of Church practices, relationships with French monarchy, and influential figures like Desiderius Erasmus.

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