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What practical question was raised regarding converts to Christianity in relation to Judaism?

Whether converts have to be circumcised as prescribed in Genesis 17

What are the two general responses of Christians regarding the relationship with mainline Judaism?

One stresses continuity with Judaism; the second emphasizes discontinuity

What was the central question regarding the relationship between those who accept Jesus as the Messiah and mainline Judaism?

Does one have to be a Jew before one can become a Christian

During the period 33-313 AD, what was the main issue in the relationship between Christians and Judaism?

The question of continuity or discontinuity with Judaism

What practical requirement for converts to Christianity was a point of contention in relation to Judaism?

Circumcision as prescribed in Genesis 17

What was one of the rumors that arose about Christians during the early centuries?

Incest: the talk about “brothers” and “sisters” generated rumors of orgies taking place at their meetings

What was the reason behind the accusation of atheism against Christians by the Romans?

Christians refused to worship the emperor, which was considered an act of treason and an insult to the gods

What was the practical outcome for Christianity as it separated itself from Judaism under Roman law?

It lost the protection it enjoyed as a licit religion under Roman law

What was the initial outbreak of persecution against Christians attributed to under Nero's rule?

The fire in Rome in 64, which Nero blamed on the Christians

Who is traditionally considered to be the first Christian martyr, according to the text?


Explore the history of the Christian church through six key periods. Learn about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, the nature of Jesus Christ, the influence of monks, the need for church reform, and more. Test your knowledge of church history from the early days of the Roman Empire to the Reformation era.

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