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What is another name for the Chinese New Year festival?

Lunar Festival

What material was NOT used to build the Great Wall of China?


Why was it challenging for people in Ancient China to communicate and travel to other places?

Lack of roads and bridges

Why is the Yellow River known as 'China’s Sorrow'?

Due to frequent flooding causing devastation

Which dynasty was the first to use bronze?

Zhou Dynasty

What animals were considered to be a 'pack animal' on the Silk Road?


What empire was the last to keep the Silk Road safe?

Mongol Empire

Define the word caravan as used on the Silk Road.

A company of merchants traveling together for safety

Who was Confucius according to the text?

A philosopher and educator

Test your knowledge on the traditions associated with Chinese New Year. From the significance of a couplet to the contents of a red envelope, this quiz covers various customs and practices. Explore the Lunar New Year celebrations and discover interesting facts about The Great Wall of China.

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